About Wisconsin Family Law Case Finder

Gregg HermanWhen I was first hired by Leonard L. Loeb, S.C. as an associate, like all beginning lawyers, I felt I had to prove my worth and fill in time until my case load increased. My approach was to create an index card summary of all Wisconsin family law cases for the previous 10 or so years, organized by topic.

As time went by, I added new Wisconsin cases and cases from other jurisdictions which might affect a decision by a Wisconsin court.

When word processors came into existence (remember those?), I transferred all the information to an electronic file and continued to add new cases and even some relevant law review and other articles. When the rules changed allowing some unpublished court of appeals cases to be cited for their persuasive value, I added those important cases as well, clearly noting the limitation as to precedent.

Today, what started on index cards has grown into this web site, Wisconsin Family Law Case Finder. Behind the scenes is a database of over 1,600 cases organized into over 30 topics, covering all aspects of family law.

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Affordably priced to meet any budget,Wisconsin Family Law Case Finder is truly invaluable for research, writing briefs and court appearances. Subscribers are provided with brief summaries of the essential holding for each case, as well as links to the full opinion in Google Scholar’s multi-jurisdictional database. It’s also mobile-ready, so I rarely, if ever, go to court without it. Both judges and my clients are amazed at how quickly I can find the correct case on a particular point.

So, I hope you’ll subscribe today. I know you’ll find that Wisconsin Family Law Case Finder, an invaluable resource. In fact, I’ll bet you’ll wonder how you ever practiced law without it.

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Attorney Gregg Herman
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