Category: Contempt

Valadez v. Aprahamian

Valadez v. Aprahamian, Nos. 2021AP1436, 2021AP994 and 2021AP1186: One contempt finding reversed where the trial court did not comply with the statutory requirements for nonsummary contempt.  However, another summary contempt for interrupting the court affirmed as it occurred in the actual presence of the court, the contempt was for the purpose of preserving order,  the…

Rotter v. Rotter

Court has broad powers, independent of contempt proceedings to enforce its judgment. The trial court can apply any remedy customarily available to courts of equity and appropriate to a particular case.

Schroeder v. Schroeder

(1) Divorce court can use contempt powers to enforce judgment. (2) Rights between parties are enforced by civil contempt. (3) Contemnor entitled to hearing with findings of fact of what he failed to do, that he had the ability to do it and what he must do to purge.

State ex rel. N.A. v. G.S.

Punitive sanctions may not be applied in remedial contempt actions. Contemnor must have some ability to purge contempt. Order that defendant obtain and hold job is erroneous, since hiring defendant requires act of another, and therefore is not in defendant’s control.