Category: Life Insurance

Moskowitz v. Moskowitz

Order prohibiting ex-wife from maintaining life insurance on life of ex-husband reversed. The matter appears one for the wife and the insurer to dispute – ex-husband does not give adequate rationale for conferring general prohibitory authority upon the court.

Hardin v. Grantham

Trial court erred in ordering alimony payor to submit to physical examination so she could get life insurance to protect alimony. Since alimony ends on payor’s death, neither he nor his estate is obligated to assist ex-wife in obtaining policy.

Graham v. Graham

Term life insurance was a marital asset subject to a pendente lite order enjoining disposition of assets without court approval. Therefore, where husband changed beneficiary after order and was then murdered, proceeds belong to wife.

Duhame v. Duhame

Constructive trust for life insurance proceeds for benefit of minor children was appropriate where divorce stipulation required decedent to maintain his minor children as beneficiaries of policy through his employment. Support provisions did not end with his retirement, so life insurance requirement continued.

Parge v. Parge

Minor children from first marriage were not entitled to constructive trust upon life insurance proceeds where the policies were acquired by the decedent following remarriage, even though divorce decree required life insurance, even though none existed at the time.