In Re Marriage of Harris v. Harris


Issue 1: 141 Wis. 2d 569, 575-77, 415 N.W.2d 586 (WI Ct. App., 1987)
Issue 2: 141 Wis. 2d 569, 577-81, 415 N.W.2d 586 (WI Ct. App., 1987)


Issue 1

Wife not entitled to more maintenance solely because husband can afford to pay more. Husband should not be “punished” for making more money.

Issue 2

(1) Wife showed substantial change in circumstances where her decision to go to Costa Rica did not intentionally put herself into a position to need maintenance. (2) Comparison in modification proceedings is between standard at time of divorce and at time of hearing. (Overruled in Kenyon v. Kenyon)

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